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Our Team

TAFL boasts some of the brightest minds. Depending on the track you pursue, your professors may be an international expert, a professional novelist or poet, or a phonologist with decades of experience. All TAFL instructors are experienced teachers of Arabic as a Foreign Language. All of them hold university degrees, and many have received advanced degrees in applied linguistics or related fields. Most of our teachers have international experience with almost all of them having had the opportunity to teach abroad in American, European, Chinese as well as Moroccan universities and centres.

Why Choose Us

All instructors are deeply immersed in the different assessment criteria including ACTFL, ILR and CEFR. They are familiar with the use of advanced technological means in education, and the centre is keen to support the teachers' capabilities with different workshops and continuous professional development. Many of them have experience in developing courses for different universities and programs according to their needs.

Our staff is trained to use up-to-date teaching techniques and pedagogies, conduct learner-centered classes and engage learners in real life. We implement communicative tasks that enhance learning and language acquisition, as well as helping to make the classroom environment an enjoyable place. TAFL also recruits professors from different disciplines in order to meet our learners’ needs, majors, and academic interests.

Despite their diversity of backgrounds, they all have one thing in common: the desire to help you succeed.

TAFL typically enrolls a highly diverse student body, including undergraduates, graduate students, recent graduates, and professionals. Students immerse themselves in the Arabic language through their academic work, commitment to the Language Pledge, and participation in a variety of co-curricular activities. These are further enhanced through a variety of materials and a wide range of tasks and activities.